Would You Boycott Jim Carrey’s Movies After His HEINOUS Comments About Trump?

Actor Jim Carrey has had some issues staying on the right side of the sanity line for some time now, but what he just tweeted out against President Donald Trump and the Republican Party is bizarre even by his own disturbed standards.




On Wednesday, Carrey tweeted out a drawing of a lawmaker who appears to represent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, with the following proclamation:

“The GOP and WH have become sinister conclaves of souless traitors, liars and thieves – a gangrene we must remove so democracy can live,” adding the hashtag “#killthebill”

Carey wasn’t specific as to which bill he was referring to, but considering that the tweet was posted Thursday and the GOP tax plan was passed in the early hours of Saturday morning, according to CNN, we’re able to make an educated guess.

It’s not the first time Carrey has attacked Trump in recent memory — it’s not even the first time he’s used bizarre artwork to get his point across.

In August, Carrey announced that Trump was going to a rally in West Virginia to “eat a baby.”

Fortunately for Americans, it isn’t up to declining movie stars — or the “artwork” they share — to shape the country’s political future.

Carrey’s world — the Madonnas, the Bruce Springsteens and all the liberal media elite, did their best to swing the country onto an irrevocable path downward by getting Hillary Clinton elected in 2016.

Thanks to Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him, they failed.

But that doesn’t mean they’re going to stop trying.

Jim Carrey, David Letterman and Rosie O’Donnell — and all the liberals like them — are going to keep attacking.

Trump supporters and the Republican Party as a whole need to keep fighting back.

We known Donald Trump will.

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