Tragic Announcement About Sean Hannity

The liberal group Media Matters, started an effort to get Sean Hannity, the Fox News host, fired last August. As soon as this year started, they made a similar attempt to go against Bill O’Reilly, which resulted in success and he was immediately removed.

The efforts that Media Matters put in the deterioration of Sean Hannity, are now revealed to the public.

According to newest revelations in this matter, about twelve advertisers have let Hannity go as a result of Media Matters’ campaign.




A statement from the liberal group reads : “In effect, Hannity is functioning as state-aligned programming. And advertisers that sponsor the program are financially supporting his political chicanery and Trump’s political interest.”

In addition to this, Media Matters issued a warning saying that getting involved with Hannity and sponsoring the show is nothing more but a bad business affair. Reportedly, due to his capricious behavior, the Fox News is unwilling to give his program any standards.

As Media Matters explains, : “Hannity’s volatility is forcing advertisers to make a business decision on whether to leave or avoid his show. His volatility is, in part why Media Matters has decided not to publicly release the names of the dozen or so advertisers that have chosen to drop him.”

Allegedly, upon being asked by the AP, Fox News didn’t deny the fact that advertisers were stepping away from the show. However, they refused to give further comments on the issue.

The only thing left to do is to stay hopeful that these vile efforts fail, and Hannity won’t be removed from the Fox News.

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