Sarah Sanders Just Suffered Worst Humiliation Ever – SUPPORT HER NOW!

Being part of the Trump administration is a good thing, but White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders can’t really enjoy doing her job. She is in the first line of defense of the Trump administration, and we all know what that means. Republicans have to put up with the disturbing behavior of all Dems, and we can’t wait for President Donald Trump to put an end to this nonsense. Guess what happened to Sarah this time…




Funny how you change your perspective on feminism to suit your own agenda when it’s convenient. Come up with an argument, say something smart about why you disagree with Sarah Huckabee! Come on I know you can do it if you try

Trump-hating liberals are still into mocking the President and his staffers, including Sarah. But, since when do celebrities talk about politics? Should we say that 2017 was the year in which everyone turned into political experts? We all witnessed the division between east and west coasts. It was more like a battlefield, and both sides took their share of the entire process.


But, these celebrities are really stepping on our nerves, and this time one of them went against Sarah.

Cher has always been too loud about her projects, but there’s something about her that makes us wonder about her sanity.

The singer attacked Sarah’s appearance the day after she held a speech at a Women’s March rally. Cher was one of the speakers at the Nevada Women’s March that took place at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. She literally encouraged women to be proactive in politics.

‘What I’m going to tell you, you know, is it’s time to step up to the plate and deserve it and to own it. If you don’t take it, no one is going to give it to you. This is one of the worst times in our history, and that’s why I honestly believe that women are going to be the ones who fix it. And that’s no bullshit. If you want a job done right, get a woman,” Cher said.

That’s not the most shocking thing Cher did. “Would someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife,” the pop singer tweeted next day.


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