Trump destroyed the Democrats in 2016. He didn’t just beat Clinton, He obliterated the entire party. The Democrats were so stunned by his victory that they had no idea how to recover. Their best idea so far has been a relentless crusade to prove that Trump “had tons of help” from the Russians.

Despite the fact that the only evidence that has turned up actually shows Democrat involvement with suspicious allies…they persist. Now that Republicans dropped a bombshell memo that shows even more terrible abuse it’s no surprise that they only know one one to respond.

The are resorting to their favorite cry. “Russia Russia Russia!”

Hannity Reports:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi didn’t hold back while commenting on the House Intelligence Committee’s decision to disclose the explosive FISA memo on Friday; releasing a bizarre statement that referred to the document as a “bouquet to [Trump’s] friend Putin.”

Pelosi posted her official statement to social media within minutes of Chairman Devin Nunes’ decision to disclose the controversial material to the American public; saying the President “surrendered his constitutional responsibility” when he de-classified the document.

“President Trump has surrendered his constitutional responsibility as Commander-in-Chief by releasing highly classified and distorted intelligence. By not protecting intelligence sources and methods, he just sent his friend Putin a bouquet,” she writes.

“As the Speaker and former Vice Presidential candidate, Speaker Ryan knows how dangerous it is to jeopardize our intelligence and national security. Why is he enabling this recklessness and not taking action to remove Chairman Nunes?” Nancy asked.

.@realDonaldTrump has surrendered his constitutional responsibility as Commander-in-Chief by releasing Nunes’ unredacted, classified memo. His decision undermines our national security and is a bouquet to his friend Putin.

— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) February 2, 2018

As always, the Democrats are vastly overplaying their hand. They literally have NOTHING on President Trump, yet they are going to blame Russia until their dying day.

It’s sad to see, but it will probably hurt them in the next two election cycles, so we’re happy to see them torpedo their party!

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