OUCH: Pawn Star Rick Harrison Comes Forward, Absolutely Destroys Barack Obama’s Legacy

Rick Harrison, is a famous Pawn Star who has never been much involved in politics. Despite the fact that he is a reality TV star, he has always been in a way secretive and likes to keep some things away from the public.

Nevertheless, now Harrison has decided to open up and express his thoughts about former President Barack Obama.

And according to World Politicus, he is not exactly Obama’s biggest fan.




As the WP report states, apart from being a TV star, Harrison is the owner of  Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and he works hard to provide for his family. And in agreement with his beliefs, Obama has made that even harder.

He explains how Obama’s policies have made it “literally a nightmare” to run a small business.

Harrison said, “The effect of the eight years of Obama is finally showing up,” while he started to criticize the mainstream media for their hateful attacks on President Donald Trump.

These bias media have put Obama on a pedestal as a “bipartisan” hero who did an excellent work as President. But Harrison begs to differ.

He clarified, “We had .7 GDP [growth]…in the last quarter, and if you figure GDP the way we did four years ago, that would be negative growth. Four years ago…they decided all research and development [suddenly] goes into the plus column instead of the expense column and…it was a way the administration actually boosted up GDP.”

What he’s basically saying is that Obama’s collaborators “cooked the books”, and they made false projections about our economy, so now the people are facing the reality.

Harrison calls for the end of Obamacare and he thinks that the President should keep up the good work he has been doing for the passed year with all of his tax and regulation cuts.

What do you think?

Do you agree with what the Pawn star had to say about the former and the new president?

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