Monica Crowly Warns: As Bad As The Memo Might Be, Something Much WORSE Is On It’s Way….

The term “can of worms” has been used a lot when talking about the memo. One of the common beliefs with the potential release of the memo is not the questions that it will answer. There’s something else that should scare a lot of people.

That being the followup questions that people are going to ask once their initial ones are answered in the memo. The people who are the answers to those questions are the ones that should be really scared.



National Review reports that the FBI was guaranteed access to the FISA memo before its publication because of the rules of the process. Once the committee voted to disclose, that gave the president five days to object.

During that five days, Trump’s own appointees at the FBI and DOJ would have the chance to pore over the memo and make their objections and policy arguments to their principal, the president, and to the rest of the Trump national-security team.

This tells us the real objection was not that they were barred from reviewing the memo; it is that they were barred from reviewing it on a schedule that would make it more difficult to derail publication.

 Fox News reports that FBI director Christopher Wray reviewed the memo on Capitol Hill on Sunday — before the committee even voted to release it. Subsequently, two senior FBI officials — one each from the Bureau’s counterintelligence and legal divisions — reviewed the memo and “could not point to any factual inaccuracies” in it, according to an unnamed source who spoke to Fox.

There has followed the usual gamesmanship that intensifies public cynicism about “the Swamp.” Based on their review of the memo, the FBI and committee Democrats sought some changes. Though committee Republicans did not agree that these edits were necessary, they nevertheless agreed to make them.



Democrats promptly used this accommodation — which they and the FBI had requested — to argue that publication should now be withheld because the memo has been “materially” and “substantively” altered since the committee votes. Nunes counters that the edits are minor and include mere grammatical fixes. Given that the people who are complaining about the changes are the ones who insisted on them, the chairman rejects what he calls an “increasingly strange attempt to thwart publication of the memo.”

FOX News contributor Monica Crowley appeared on FOX Business early Thursday morning and said this is the first of several memos to be released.

Crowley told the FOX Business News panel: “From what I’m hearing from my sources, this is about how this FISA warrant came into being and why and how it got approved and why and how it was used.”

Next, Monica Crowley really dropped an unexpected bombshell…

“I also understand from some very good sources that this is the first of several memos so as bad as this memo might be, my understanding is there is worse coming down the pike.” – AJR

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