McCain Flips After FBI Memo Is Released, Declares WAR on Republican Party

Lately, there has been a lot of talk concerning the  release of the Nunes FISA abuse memo.

Naturally, Democrats are trying to discredit it, but it looks like one Republican, if he can still be called a Republican has sided with them as well.

Sen. John McCain, should attack the release of the memo in what is not exactly a surprising statement, since it is already well-known that he has declared war on Trump and the Republican party.





The memo points out how DOJ and FBI senior officials misused their positions in order to push the Democratic propaganda and help out Hillary Clinton, by misleading the court in order to obtain the FISA warrant they needed, to spy on Trump’s campaign.

A report from Breitbart gives an account of McCain statement in which he claimed that the release of the memo will only serve the interest of Russia and not of the American people.
McCain said :

“In 2016, the Russian government engaged in an elaborate plot to interfere in an American election and undermine our democracy. Russia employed the same tactics it has used to influence elections around the world, from France and Germany to Ukraine, Montenegro, and beyond.

Putin’s regime launched cyber attacks and spread disinformation with the goal of sowing chaos and weakening faith in our institutions. And while we have no evidence that these efforts affected the outcome of our election, I fear they succeeded in fueling political discord and dividing us from one another.”

“The latest attacks on the FBI and Department of Justice serve no American interests – no party’s, no president’s, only Putin’s. The American people deserve to know all of the facts surrounding Russia’s ongoing efforts to subvert our democracy, which is why Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation must proceed unimpeded.

Our nation’s elected officials, including the president, must stop looking at this investigation through the warped lens of politics and manufacturing partisan sideshows. If we continue to undermine our own rule of law, we are doing Putin’s job for him.”

If McCain believes that criticism of the FBI and the DOJ is harmful to our nation and is helping our enemies, than how can he justify the criticism of the President and the undermining of his legitimacy as a leader by making false allegations of nonsense collusion ?

The only ones helping Putin in this case are people who push the Russian conspiracy and those FBI agents who aided that cause for nothing else, but for political reasons.

Nevertheless, it’s obvious that McCain has his personal reasons for attacking the memo and it looks like he is trying to conceal his own involvement in the effort to take down President Trump.

Just as a reminder, it was revealed last December that it McCain passed the Steele dossier to former FBI Director James Comey. He allegedly also met with Andrew Wood in Halifax, Canada at the Halifax Security Forum in Canada in November 2016, where they talked about the dossier.

He even sent out his associate David Kramer to meet with Steele in London, to get more information on the dossier. There the two arranged to give McCain a hard copy of the dossier which he handed over to James Comey.

So as you can see, McCain was a major player in the whole spying expedition on Donald Trump’s campaign and in fact he was the one ‘doing Putin’s work’ for him.

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