Mattis Just Made 5 Words Announcement About Kim Jong Un That’ll ROCK The World!




The safety of our country and nation is what the President wants and aims for.

And the Secretary of Defense James Mattis is not messing around either.

North Korea has threatened us many times but those days are over now!

Yesterday, Secretary of Defense James Mattis met with his British counterpart, Michael Fallon. The two were holding a Press Conference when Mattis decided to drop this major statement to the crowd. When asked about his 2012 comments that the biggest threat to the United States was Iran, James singled out North Korea as a key threat that has “got to be stopped.”

“At the time when I spoke about Iran, I was commander of U.S. Central Command and that was the primary exporter of terrorism, frankly. It was the primary state sponsor of terrorism and it continues that kind of behavior today,” Mattis said.

According to our source, Conservative Fighters, he is hoping for diplomacy, but he is not afraid of a good fight if needed.

“But in the larger scheme of things, obviously, in a global situation that’s dynamic, you’ve highlighted appropriately I think the North Korean threat. This is a threat of both rhetoric and growing capability, and we will be working with the international community to address this.”

“We are doing so right now. We’re working through the United Nations, we’re working with our allies and we are working diplomatically, including with those that we might be able to enlist in this effort to get North Korea under control.”

“But right now, it appears to be going in a very, very reckless manner… and that’s got to be stopped.”

Michael said that post-Brexit is in the interest of both Britain and the United States, to bolster this partnership.

“Our two nations are providing reassurance to our Eastern European allies in the wake of Russian aggression. We are leading NATO’s enhanced forward presence. By next week, Britain will have 800 troops in Estonia and 150 personnel in a reconnaissance squadron serving alongside U.S. forces in Poland,” the defense minister added.

“In May, we will send four RAF Typhoons to Romania as part of NATO’s mission to protect the Black Sea skies. This is part of the biggest deployment in Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War.”

Mattis said that, “We are going to maintain Article V as absolute bedrock of the NATO alliance,” adding “we will, as you see with the European Reassurance Initiative, act according if Russia chooses to be a strategic competitor.”

Fallon said they’re focused on reassuring “allies’ eastern flank, and to deter the kind of Russian aggression that we’ve seen recently: military buildup, use of hybrid techniques, and indeed, interference in — through cyber and other techniques.”

Mattis said the U.S. is still looking to engage with Russia “on a political or diplomatic level.”

“Right now, Russia is choosing to be a strategic competitor and we’re finding that we can only have very modest expectations at this point of areas that we can cooperate with Russia, contrary to how we were just 10 years ago, five years ago,” he said. “It’s no longer a cooperative engagement with them. Right now, it’s when we’re going to have carve out diplomatically some kind of maneuver room here, assuming Russia can change its behavior and act in accordance with international norms and international law.”

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